Warranty and Licensing

Dive into the details of your hardware warranty

Thanks for purchasing a Ricoh printer! Depending on the device type, you generally receive either a three-month or one-year warranty with onsite repair or a printer replacement plan. When your basic Ricoh warranty or extended service plan expires, you can continue on a time and materials basis.

Review your printer warranty and/or extended service plan and make sure you have the coverage that you need. 

Change coverage anytime

You're not locked into a contract. You can increase the length of maintenance coverage or upgrade coverage characteristics. Remember, though, that increases in the length of coverage include the basic warranty time period. So if you're planning to extend coverage, it's more cost effective to do it sooner rather than later. Regardless of where you are in the warranty or maintenance cycle, feel free to change, renew or re-engage printer service coverage.

Know your software use rights

Our software is licensed under the Ricoh Software License Agreement ("RSLA") which explains your rights to use our software. Typically, you'll be asked to accept the RSLA during product installation.

See RSLA and other software license documents

Most of our printers include some internal software, which may be called Licensed Internal Code (LIC) — microcode, basic input/output system code (BIOS), utility programs, device drivers and diagnostic code. All of this code is licensed to you by the License Agreement for Machine Code. After you accept the license terms, you can use machine code with the specific product that includes the code. Machine code, however, does not include programs and code provided under separate license agreements, including but not limited to open source license agreements.

Learn all about supply warranties

When you invest in Ricoh supplies, you're covered. We warrant our supplies to be free from defects in materials and workmanship and to conform to their specifications during the warranty period.