RICOH ProcessDirector


Add efficiency to remove uncertainty

When you’re responsible for critical information, a single mistake can cost you more than profits — you might lose customers too. Install RICOH® ProcessDirector with any existing server platform to customize and automate production print processes and minimize risks.


Be critical about where your information goes

You’ll never catch up if you’re chasing information on the print shop floor. Instead, monitor and manage jobs from where you are via a web-based user interface. Access information centrally, and share it through emails with key stakeholders so they have the information they need to perform key tasks and make informed decisions quickly.


Get your hands out of the way

Manual touchpoints slow production and are notoriously error-prone. Build your own automated rules and workflows to reduce redundancies and errors. Use drag-and-drop icons to assign specific tasks to conditional workflows. Let the software do simple tasks in less time with greater accuracy, so you can focus on other important issues.


Comply with what’s best for your business

Do your part to protect critical information by running automated reports. Automate tracking so discrepancies or inaccuracies are captured instantly. Store and access files in the archives. Run audit reports to monitor specific jobs, tasks and users.


Mail in even greater savings

Reduce postage rates by avoiding invalid addresses. Extract address information automatically from documents, so it can be ready for third-party address cleansing and sorting software almost instantly. Make any necessary changes just as quickly.


Choose your customer’s favorite channel

Do your customers want information printed? Emailed? Posted online? With ProcessDirector, you can include their preferences into your production workflow. Allow web applications to grab AFP™ and PDF jobs automatically or send email directly without worrying about spam filters.


Manage jobs from any device and platform

Information knows no bounds. Install ProcessDirector on popular Linux®, AIX® and Windows® systems, and manage information and print jobs for IPDS printers, PDF and other multivendor devices and platforms. You won’t have to worry about transfers or other delays that keep information away from the people who need it most.


Take shortcuts to race through deadlines

Set conditional workflow rules and drop iconic shortcuts into position to build your own automated workflows. For example, route jobs with high page counts automatically to a continuous feed printer. Track every job through production via a visual diagram.


Save jobs to save time

Archive jobs and store them until you need to reprint or audit them. Search and retrieve them directly or via indexed properties, and submit them back into the workflow for reprints.



Share information with your MIS systems

Add the Avanti Slingshot Connect feature to send job and JDF information directly from your MIS systems to ProcessDirector for processing. Use it to track job status for workflow steps, calculate production costs, manage inventory, schedule jobs and more — all from a single integrated interface.


Protect critical information  

Use industry-standard password management and LDAP/AD integration to help you manage ProcessDirector user accounts and ensure the right people have the right information.


Use any device in your fleet

Run jobs on Ricoh, third-party and Intelligent Printer Data Stream™ (IPDS™) enabled printers without awkward transitions or incompatibilities. Set up and assign job properties directly and issue JDF job tickets (using JDF, XRX and KDK commands if necessary). Search for similar jobs across all platforms quickly so you can replicate tasks to save time and efficiency. 


Be logical about how you finish

Manage and control print and mail processes using native Adobe® PDF — and enhance efficiency by merging data and logic with finishing. Take advantage of an Adobe plug-in to create templates with document properties and editing rules for text, images, barcodes, masking areas and more.


Expand without the growing pains

Reconfigure the software or expand its capabilities at any time by adding new modules, or you can tailor what you already have to accommodate changing workflow requirements. 

Minimum hardware requirements

  • AIX—One or more 1.9 GHz or faster RISC processors
  • Linux—One or more 2.9 GHz or faster standard Intel® processor-compatible hardware
  • Windows—One or more 2.9 GHz or faster standard Intel® processor-compatible hardware
  • 4 GB or more RAM; for any document processing features, 12 GB RAM is the minimum requirement
  • 200 GB or more disk storage
  • Connectivity to the LAN


Software requirements

  • AIX 6.1 TL 07 or AIX Version 7.1 TL 01 SP6 or above , 64-bit
  • SLES 11 for x86 with SP2 or above, 64-bit
  • SLES 12 for x86 with latest service packs, 64-bit
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (64-bit) 6.2 through the latest 6.x
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (64-bit) 7.0 through the latest 7.x
  • Windows Server 2008 R2, Service Pack 1 (64-bit)
  • Windows Server 2012 R2 (64-bit)

Submission methods

  • LPR
  • File copy or FTP to hot folders via file copy or FTP
  • Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) package (PDF/JDF)
  • z/OS® AFP Download Plus (with optional AFP Support feature)
  • Download for z/OS (with optional AFP Support feature)


Available transforms

Standard Adobe PDF, AFP, GIF, TIF, SAP, JPEG, PCL, PostScript® and Metacode (requires InfoPrint XT) print data


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