EFI™ Fiery® Navigator™


Transform knowledge into action

Use Fiery® Navigator™ to capture key production data from your Fiery Driven™ environment, and put actionable intelligence to work to improve your print operations. Monitor print production at any time from any location from any standard web browser. Access cloud production data from your Fiery servers to track trends, identify inefficiencies, save and deploy sync configurations and more.

Fiery Navigator diagram

Simplify your most strategic decisions

Whether you have a few devices in one room or hundreds of commercial devices across many locations, you can use one centralized interface to get the information you need to make faster, smarter decisions, improve productivity and reduce costs for your entire print operation.

Customize what you need to see

Customize the production data you want to monitor and access at a moment’s notice. View selected metrics in side-by-side graphs and charts to quickly and easily identify production highs and lows. Compare and inspect jobs and errors across devices. Analyze print behaviors, find the patterns, evaluate asset usage and more.

Make productivity the standard

Improve consistency and predictability for your entire operation. Store Fiery settings in the cloud and share them quickly across same-model devices. Restore configurations to expedite workflows and produce consistent output for specific jobs. Recover settings for fast, effective disaster recovery.

Manage multiple devices easily

Subscribe to a fast, affordable way to manage your production devices. Use Fiery Navigator for free for up to three Fiery Driven™ devices, then pay an annual subscription for each additional one. Switch tracked devices at any time at no cost.


Monitor everything from one dashboard

Centralized operators can view a wide range of customizable production data from the convenient, easy-to-use dashboard. By tracking multiple data points and comparing details across devices, you can track trends, see where you need to improve workload balance and address other production inefficiencies.

Divide into groups to conquer production

Customize device groupings to get better visibility into specific operations. Check details for all of your color printers, or view aggregated data for only your high-volume production devices — you get to choose how you want to track performance. View installed software applications, finishers, calibrations and more, or simultaneously deploy configuration packages across same-model devices to improve workload balance, identify production trends and address operational challenges.

Get on the same page

Use synchronization to share common configurations easily. Create your own configuration sync packages and deploy them to groups of same-model devices to standardize your production environment. Share color profiles, presets, paper catalogs and more from the cloud platform to expedite device management even across multiple locations.

Stay alert, be proactive

Respond to production problems in real time and avoid delays. Customize the frequency of detailed reports and view key operational data points such as a breakdown of devices with the fewest and most impressions printed, job submission methods, most active users, top media consumed and more. You can also manage critical device status alerts, so you’re aware the moment action is required to keep you on deadline — and on budget.


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