WebCRD from Rochester Software Associates (RSA) is a powerful, Web-based tool that automates job submission to the print center, for precise, thorough and comprehensive print instructions. Users are guided through the submission process with highly intuitive, pre-populated instruction fields. Jobs are automatically submitted directly to the print center along with complete job tickets. Operators can print, finish and deliver jobs without having to track down any information.

  • Submit, ticket, reorder, produce and manage orders
  • Increase print center productivity and enhance customer satisfaction
  • Improve job turnaround while lowering production costs
  • Integrate with enterprise accounting, authentication and document management systems
  • Create and share online catalogs


WebCRD storefront

Designed to improve order accuracy before orders reach the print center. Pictograms help users view finishing options. Approval authority allows organizations to control printing cost and content. Production views separate jobs by production stage, with pictograms for at-a-glance order information. Online catalogs can contain non-print items such as pens and mugs. WebCRD remembers a user’s history and offers reprints and job template presets for common ticketing choices.

100% Adobe PDF

Designed to help you achieve 100% document fidelity with WebCRD’s SurePDF™, which uses Adobe® PDF JobReady™. The print center defines settings such as font embedding and color management to reduce mistakes. SurePDF ships with unlimited client licenses, so everyone enjoys the same outstanding job fidelity.

Easy Web upload

Enables users to submit jobs from Macs or PCs and Linux or UNIX systems. Address the issue of confusing FTP programs or bounced e-mails because attachments are too large! The job ticket is electronically coupled with the document, reducing the exposure of misplaced information.

Central repository and object- Single screen ticketing

Presents only valid ticketing options, making job ordering a fast and easy process without screen refreshes.


Provide a friendly, at-a-glance method for selecting finishing options by removing guesswork from the ordering process.

Catalog ordering

Gives authorized users access to customized catalogs of finished goods as well as Print on Demand documents.

Electronic job status

Provides users with Web access and email status updates so they can see exactly where their jobs are without contacting the print center.

Multilingual support

Supports multiple languages simultaneously by a single server, and text can be localized to suit virtually any corporate environment. For example, individuals from the same company can use WebCRD in English or French, based on their logins and preferences.

Variable data templates

Allows users to easily create personalized sell sheets, postcards, business cards and more using corporate-approved templates. Variable data and personalized content can be leveraged to create 1:1 marketing applications.

RSA WebCRD ™ is not an RPPS product, and it is licensed to end users by RSA WebCRD ™. Neither party has any responsibility for or makes any representations or warranties regarding the other's products or services.