RSA QDirect Scan™


Get Streamlined

QDirect SCAN™ software streamlines the process for sending hard copy originals to a centralized print center. This solution works with QDirect™ for enterprise print management and includes a ticketing interface that runs on any eCopy supported multi-function printer (MFP). QDirect SCAN™ allows the user to scan hard-copy documents and create an electronic job ticket at the MFP. The scanned job and electronic ticket are sent to the print center, where the job is ready to be printed automatically.

QDirect SCAN™ is the only Scan to Print Center™ product on the market. It fully automates hard-copy document scanning, job ticketing, and centralized print shop submission directly on an MFP interface! Jobs print on production devices with no operator intervention and accounting information is collected.

  • Friendly, MFP-based scan and ticket graphical user interface offers configurable job ticketing options.
  • ECopy® Connector for eCopy ShareScan®OP.
  • Confirmation page with job ticket selections, thumbnails, and optional accounting and budgeting information printed on the MFP or immediately emailed to the user.
  • Jobs can be automatically printed, or batched and released by common requirements or destination to facilitate courier delivery.
  • Hard-copy submission is simpler and less time consuming for users. Teachers report savings of two to three hours a week that can now be spent planning!
  • Utilizes the MFP interface for smooth integration.
  • End user receives instantaneous feedback that the job was received. Eliminate phone calls to print shop and confirmation page is a submission receipt.
  • Eliminates operator errors and streamlines workflow within the print center.

RSA QDirect Scan™ is not an RPPS product, and it is licensed to end users by RSA QDirect Scan™. Neither party has any responsibility for or makes any representations or warranties regarding the other's products or services.