MarcomCentral JobDirect Plus


Put your print capabilities at your customers’ fingertips

Bring your production capabilities front and center to your customers, helping them get the perfect print job they’re looking for every time. Print jobs can easily move from your customer’s desktop through a fully automated print production path that reflects the specific capabilities of your print facility —completely cutting out the middleman.

Build on-the-fly with live previews

Your customers can visually build their products by specifying an array of features and finishing options, previewing their selections and submitting online. The JobDirect® Plus upload function accepts over 200 different file formats, and provides native file formats to the printer along with the PDF output — helping you avoid any delays or issues with converting files.

Get an agile, automated workflow

Boost overall efficiency, bring jobs in faster, and drive costs down with fully automated workflows. With our open approach to integration, you can automate directly to your press and manage your workflows more efficiently and accurately.

Upgrade to the digital age

JobDirect® Plus boasts a sleek and contemporary user interface (UI), providing an easy and intuitive way for your customers to quickly and accurately interact with you. This front-end framework brings your operations into the digital age with a responsive and touch-friendly design. It also brings greater power and functionality to on-the-fly job submission, and allows for greater customization of your customer’s print jobs.

Scalability that helps you grow

Choose the option that best fits your needs. JobDirect® Plus is available as both a stand-alone online submission tool that emits press-ready files for production, or as an add on to the MarcomCentral Web-to-Print product, giving you a flexible and competitive way to build new revenue streams as the need arises. You can launch a customer-facing online ordering process with JobDirect Plus and scale it as your customers’ needs, and your own, grow. And by integrating with the MarcomCentral family of products, you get value-added services like variable data publishing, brand control, email marketing, sales enablement, analytics and more.



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MarcomCentral JobDirect Plus is not an RPPS product, and it is licensed to end users by MarcomCentral JobDirect Plus. Neither party has any responsibility for or makes any representations or warranties regarding the other's products or services.