PTI FusionPro VDP Creator


FusionPro VDP Creator is the industry-leading variable data publishing (VDP) solution that brings template design, data file definition, business logic, and print-stream creation together into one cross-platform program to produce personalized printed materials. From extremely complex to very simple, FusionPro VDP Creator can help print service providers produce marketing collateral materials that incorporate customer or prospect data to create highly personalized messaging.

Using FusionPro VDP Creator

FusionPro VDP Creator helps print service providers produce highly personalized marketing collateral that incorporates customer or prospect data. With it users can design templates, associate input data, design business logic, and output optimized print streams. The desktop-based platform supports both design and output of targeted VDP print streams, including 12 optimized VDP output formats, via an Adobe Acrobat® plug-in. Powerful business logic rules can be created via a simple drag-and-drop interface or through JavaScript. Featuring a scalable VDP workflow, FusionPro VDP Creator templates can be easily incorporated into any of the other FusionPro® solutions to meet your needs.

FusionPro VDP Creator boasts an unmatched feature set and leads all competitive solutions with nearly 17,000 installations worldwide. Using an Adobe Acrobat plug-in for both Mac and Windows platforms, it offers the most comprehensive set of output formats in the marketplace, ensuring maximum compatibility throughout the VDP workflow.

  • Acrobat toolbar with quick access buttons, frame dialogues, "Steps" and "Document Overview" palette.
  • 12 VDP output formats (PDF, PostScript, VDX, PPML, HP-PPML, VPS, JLYT, VIPP, Digimaster-PS, AFP, JPG, and PDF/VT).
  • International language support (English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Finnish, Polish, Greek, and Turkish).
  • Direct integrations with other PTI solutions such as MarcomCentral, FusionPro® Expression, FusionPro® Direct, and FusionPro® Server. FusionPro VDP Creator can even be used with competitor solutions.


  • Service providers can quickly and easily create complex rules with little training.
  • Flexible output formats offer compatibility with the leading digital print workflows and allow service providers to change and adapt to business needs.
  • Meet your customers' global marketing needs with multilingual variable data composition. Consumer data files can even specify a specific language for each recipient.
  • Scalable solutions allow service providers numerous upgrade paths for larger volume jobs, cross-media campaigns, personalized images, and Web-to-print solutions.

PTI FusionPro VDP Creator is not an RPPS product, and it is licensed to end users by PTI FusionPro VDP Creator. Neither party has any responsibility for or makes any representations or warranties regarding the other's products or services.