Objectif Lune PlanetPress Capture


PlanetPress Capture is an optional component of PlanetPress Production, both software and a physical pen. In PlanetPress Design add an unlimited number of capture zones to business documents. Each can be customized to fit on a document, existing or new. Once printed, the Anoto digital pen is used to write on the forms. Handwriting is transferred from pen to PlanetPress. Then, any business process can be triggered, in real time! PlanetPress Capture is a modular and scalable solution.

Whether they require a digital signature or handwritten information, your business documents have one thing in common: Their creation, processing, and distribution are expensive. With PlanetPress Suite, you have a single and affordable solution for all your documents and forms, integrating host data and ink.

  • Take advantage of all of the features and benefits of the PlanetPress Production, plus the capability to seamlessly add handwritten notes and signatures to an automated workflow.
  • Use handwritten marks on the page to automate different workflow processes, enabling documents to archive themselves. Sort your jobs automatically rather than by shuffling pages.
  • Use of pen and paper allows for implementation with minimal user training and a higher level of user acceptance. Move to automated processes with less resistance.
  • The PlanetPress Suite allows you to modify your automated processes quickly to adapt to changing needs and requirements, and to quickly reap the benefits of those changes.
  • Minimize or eliminate the need for scanning hardcopy forms, reduce the time from signature to process completion, and increase flexibility.
  • Documents that are marked as complete can be immediately processed for billing, providing proof of delivery and a reduction in days outstanding.
  • Documents with exceptions like incomplete orders can be quickly identified and addressed rapidly, without the need to sort through all the documents to find them. Generate reports on exceptions or completed jobs.
  • Improve customer communication by enabling automated emails with proof of delivery or other details. Use this to update management on deliveries, exceptions, and even productivity.

Objectif Lune PlanetPress Capture is not an RPPS product, and it is licensed to end users by Objectif Lune PlanetPress Capture. Neither party has any responsibility for or makes any representations or warranties regarding the other's products or services.