RSA VIPrint™


Simplify Workflows

VIPrint™ enables production PostScript printers to print Xerox VIPP® (Variable-data Intelligent PostScript PrintWare) personalized variable print jobs. With VIPrint, there is no need to change workflows to send VIPP jobs to non-Xerox production printers because VIPrint handles VIPP documents and resources virtually identical to Xerox printers.

VIPrint enables PostScript printers to print VIPP jobs allowing entry of non-Xerox equipment into print shops. VIPrint mimics Xerox VIPP by running directly in the printer’s PostScript interpreter. Unlike other VIPP tools that transform VIPP to PostScript or PDF, VIPrint enables the printer to directly and most efficiently process the variable data.

  • VIPrint™ merges data and resources to create a dynamic PostScript document.
  • PC-based application effectively manages resources, with the ability to easily import new resources, and modify, manage or view existing resources.
  • Honors VIPP commands and job ticketing instructions, including color, paper size and stock, and inline finishing options.
  • VIPrint™ runs directly in the printer’s PostScript interpreter.
  • Resulting document can be printed on high-volume, efficient, economical, and feature-rich production PostScript printers.
  • Effective and easy resource management for flexible and automated workflow.
  • Jobs print on new printer equipment just as they did on the Xerox equipment.easy to install and configure.
  • Send resources to the printer just once. Reduce transmission cost and time because print jobs only contain the variable data referencing the local resources.

RSA VIPrint™ is not an RPPS product, and it is licensed to end users by RSA VIPrint™. Neither party has any responsibility for or makes any representations or warranties regarding the other's products or services.