RSA Mainframe Downloader ™


Mainframe Downloader™ software provides secure TCP/IP Printing from mainframes to production printers. Submit mainframe datasets securely and reliably to other RSA solutions, including: QDirect™, M.I.S. Print™, A.K.A PowerPORT LCDS workflow solutions. Mainframe Downloader eliminates the need for expensive and restrictive direct-wired connectivity options such as Bus and Tag or ESCON.

Replace expensive hardwired connectivity or other expensive TCP/IP packages cost effectively with Mainframe Downloader™.  Lower costs with Mainframe Downloader’s single host license to support unlimited devices.

  • Mainframe Downloader runs directly on the host, pulling print jobs from JES spool.
  • Mainframe Downloader transmits jobs over standard TCP/IP networks.
  • Mainframe Downloader can compress and encrypt print submission communications.
  • Mainframe Downloader transmits transactional jobs to RSA LCDS transforms.
  • Removes hardware Bus and Tag or ESCON connectivity failure points and their associated costly maintenance fees.
  • Eliminates physical distance limitations of hardwired connectivity and enables printing on remote printers and disaster recovery (DR) sites.
  • Safely and securely print jobs submitted over the network and minimize network bandwidth with compression.
  • RSA transform products a100% document fidelity guarantee and eliminate the need to change customer workflows.

RSA Mainframe Downloader ™ is not an RPPS product, and it is licensed to end users by RSA Mainframe Downloader ™. Neither party has any responsibility for or makes any representations or warranties regarding the other's products or services.