InfoPrint Transform Manager


In especially complex jobs, data and image conversion can take hours. Do you have hours to spare? We thought not. Instead, InfoPrint Transform Manager uses processors dedicated to nothing but transformation, a job usually slotted somewhere into the tons of other duties print servers have. Let your print servers relax. They’ll work better that way. 


Born to transform

Raised from birth by file-conversion professionals, all InfoPrint Transform Manager knows is file transformation. InfoPrint Transform Manager is a black box that sits quietly in the corner and takes care of all your transformation duties faster, smarter and better than other solutions. When it isn’t transforming, it’s waiting. Watching. Ready.

Files aren’t the only thing it can transform

We want you to have the freedom afforded by options. That’s why we want you to be able to convert files however you’d like. And what’s better than freedom? More freedom. You can use InfoPrint Transform Manager on AIX, Linux, or Windows. You can change its settings via a simple visual interface. You can run it on however many cores, blades or processors you want. Seems like a lot of things are possible now. Exercise your freedom.



System Requirements

Transforms available    
  • Adobe® PDF (v1.7) to AFP
  • Adobe PostScript 3™ to AFP
  • PCL (Level 6) to AFP
  • SAP (OTF and ABAP) to AFP
  • TIFF image to AFP
  • GIF image to AFP
  • JPEG image to AFP
  • AFP to PDF
Minimum Hardware Requirements

We recommend a server with the following minimum configuration. Your specific configuration needs will vary depending upon planned workloads:

  • Intel® 64-bit platform (ITM will run in 32-bit compatibility) or IBM PowerPC (for AIX Operating System)
  • Two 3.0 GHz or faster processors or a blade server with a minimum of two blades
  • Minimum of 2 GB RAM
  • DVD drive
  • AIX 6.1TL06 with SP03 and above, 6.x where x>1, and AIX 7.1 TL00 with SP03 and above, 7.x where x>1 – 64-bit only
  • Linux operating systems: SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 10.0 SP3 and above, 64-bit, SLES 11.0 SP1 and above, 64-bit, Red Hat Linux 5.6, 5.7, 5.8, 6.1, 6.2, 64-bit only. Blades are supported only on SUSE Linux.
  • Windows Server 2008 64-bit.
Supported browsers include:
  • Mozilla Firefox 3.5.13 on AIX
  • Internet Explorer® 9or later on Windows
  • Mozilla Firefox 5 or 6 On Linux
Software requirements
  • InfoPrint Manager V4.3 for AIX or later, InfoPrint Manager for Windows V2.3 or later, Ricoh ProcessDirector V2.1.1 or later, or PSF for z/OS V4R3 are required to print the transformed AFP output of InfoPrint Transform Manager. If you want to install InfoPrint Transform Manager in graphical mode an XWindows system is required.
  • InfoPrint Transform Manager V3.0 can be ordered for electronic delivery, and is managed with license keys.


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File download times vary, depending on file size. Larger files may take several minutes to download. We appreciate your patience.


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  • Take what you have and make it what you want. Convert PDF and PostScript files into AFP or AFP files into PDF.
  • No hiccups. Print servers burdened with transformation duties can “clutch,” or hesitate, costing you productivity. With InfoPrint Transform Manager, it’s smooth sailing.
  • One efficient, unified solution. Multiple print servers can transform files multiple ways. Transform Manager gives you a reliable, consistent, quality transformation.
  • As much power as you need. InfoPrint Transform Manager is incredibly scalable, adding or subtracting processors or blades to fit your needs. Don’t pay for more power than you need, and don’t settle for less.

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