Compart Transforms


Compart software provides comprehensive datastream transform services. You can convert documents and spooled print output, modify or optimize the output, then produce it in virtually any format. Compart transforms are typically integrated and invoked within a workflow solution.*

A Compart transform solution consists of a minimum of three elements:

  • DocBridge Mill, the core transform engine
  • At least one input filter
  • At least one output filter

DocBridge Mill is constructed from a number of modules that can be combined in different ways. This modular approach provides a cost-effective option because you use only what you need. Modules are written as operating system-independent code and function on most major platforms in the same way.

Key functions are implemented in a single base module. All objects in an input document, together with their attributes, are converted to an independent intermediate format via a format-specific input filter. This makes it possible to create the necessary processing functions required to configure, use and convert objects to the required target format.

  • Separates, splits, merges or filters input batches and documents
  • Supports many input formats and conversion into a range of supported output formats
  • Supports a wide range of input and output formats
  • Provides extensive support for Advanced Function Presentation™ (AFP™) resources
  • Offers multiple control options via a flexibly configurable control profile


Restructuring source material input

Gain exceptional flexibility to process documents and their structures in multiple ways:

  • Separating spools into single documents
  • Splitting/collecting documents according to predefined criteria, such as ZIP codes
  • Merging documents or batches into a single batch or sorting them
  • Filtering out documents or individual pages according to predefined criteria, such as payment slips
Classifying and indexing

Streamline production and accelerate the use of your data. The criteria for assigning document attributes and processing document separation are determined by JavaScripts inside the controlling profiles. Expressions in the profiles for each class can be used to set the following variables:

  • For Advanced Function Presentation™ (AFP™) attributes, such as NOPs or Tag Logical Elements (TLEs), in the datastream
  • General attributes such as page number (e.g., page groups) or overlay names
  • Text elements that can be retrieved from a predefined area
  • Terms matching definable search criteria
  • Barcodes in raster image documents that can be read by a barcode recognition device
Converting document formats

Protect your investments and leverage existing capabilities by exporting processed documents or batches to another format. Most print file conversions, including the following, are supported:

  • AFP™
  • AFP Mixed Mode
  • ASCII/EBCDIC line mode
  • PCL – Printer Control Language
  • PDF – Portable Document Format, including PDF/A
  • SAP GOF – Generic Output Format from SAP (only as input format) with its sub-formats OTF (Output Text Format) and ALF (ABAP List Format)
  • Application-specific formats such as Microsoft Office (input only) via DocBridge Application Renderer
  • LCDS/DJDE (input only)
  • Metacode/DJDE
  • XPS
  • IJPDS (output only)
  • IPDS (output only)
  • Adobe PostScript
  • SVG
  • PCL6
  • VPS
  • VIPP
  • Raster Formats
  • XSL-FO (only input)
  • PPML (only input)



Generally supported raster formats


Supported operating systems

  • DocBridge Mill runs on Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Server 2003; Mac OS X; x86 Linux; FreeBSD; AIX; Linux; Sun Solaris; HP-UX; z/OS; zLinux; and z/OS UNIX System Services

Featured Applications

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Direct Marketing

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Critical Communications

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Compart Transforms is not an RPPS product, and it is licensed to end users by Compart Transforms. Neither party has any responsibility for or makes any representations or warranties regarding the other's products or services.