RICOH® TotalFlow® Print Server


Take advantage of new print opportunities

You’re already competing against other commercial print shops. So why pit your offset and digital print jobs against each other in your own shop? The growth of digital printing is here to stay, with forecasts that it will account for 17.4% of all print and printed packaging value by 2020*.


Since you’ve already invested in digital production printers, it’s time to use them more efficiently — without sacrificing your offset print operations and profits. 

Switch to seamless print operations

Digital is changing the way you print. But that doesn’t mean you have to change the way you work. Use RICOH TotalFlow Print Server to maximize existing resources and transition between offset and digital runs effortlessly — without compromising speed or quality.

Let work flow while you work less

Working on deadline means you’re always looking for ways to work faster. When you combine TotalFlow Print Server with Kodak Prinergy Workflow 7 and the RICOH Pro C7100/7100X and Pro C9100 Series production printers, you can automate many of the time-consuming manual tasks when transitioning between offset and digital jobs.

Manage offset and digital together

You just completed a large print run of 50,000 catalogs. A variable print run of 2,000 letters is in queue. Why push your team to manually submit the new job into a digital workflow and re-edit print data, when you can simply use the same workflow and cut their workloads significantly? With TotalFlow Print Server, you can use the same user interface for every job whether it’s on an offset or digital device.

See the difference in speed, not quality

Your customers are expecting a certain level of quality — give it to them much sooner than they expected. You can use TotalFlow Print Server to print digitally without compromising the quality you expect from offset printing. Whether you need to fine-tune color variations, use clear or white toner or even print larger signs, you can now do it all precisely on a digital printer to reduce costs and time to print.

*”The Future of Digital vs. Analogue Printing to 2020”, Smithers Pira, October 2015


Do it all, all at once

Don’t do the same job twice. Use your Kodak Prinergy Workflow 7 user interface to support both offset and digital print runs using one workflow. No resubmissions, no re-edits, no rework — no problem. Use the interface you’re already using to plan and prep print jobs, automate processes and produce them quickly with fewer errors.

Make efficient printing automatic

Use rules-based automation controls to reduce manual steps and minimize errors. All of the information is in the job ticket, including print stock, color characteristics and other details, so let the software evaluate and handle the job using the preferences you define. For example, smaller, on-demand runs can be sent directly to your Ricoh production printer for faster turnarounds at less cost.

Maximize your resources

Don’t start over. Use TotalFlow Print Server software to bring everything together — including your offset presses, Ricoh production printers and workflow software — and put your business over the top.

Use the standard you know and trust

Transition from either offset or digital printing to MIS with ease. Since Ricoh production printers are managed by JDF/JMF, you can create a single seamless workflow for transmitting print instructions and specifications that can shared with other devices and applications quickly and reliably. 

Add digital to add more opportunities

Switch smaller offset jobs to digital for faster, more profitable output. For example, use the TotalFlow Print Server native IPDS print capabilities and move some transactional jobs from an advanced function print (AFP) environment to digital printers with ease. Provide more colors, styles and features than traditional IPDS printers and expand what you can offer — and how much you can potentially earn.