RICOH TotalFlow BatchBuilder


Simplify and automate

Like most print providers and book manufacturers, you're probably seeing a sharp increase in one-offs and short runs. The hands-on effort can drives up your costs and make it difficult to turn a profit on a job. Now there’s an alternative. TotalFlow BatchBuilder simplifies and automates your short-run digital production. Instead of manually handling individual jobs, your staff members can set up "rules," let the software do the work and jump in when there's an exception. Stand back and watch your daily job count soar.

Decrease manual touches

You can install BatchBuilder in as little as 10 minutes and take print jobs from hands-on to hands-off. With its preflights and organization tools, Batchbuilder can turn incoming jobs into "like" batches based on criteria you set — up to 100 variables like document size, paper type, finishing style and more.

Help prevent wasted effort

When MIS, web to print (W2P) and prepress systems are siloed, you run the risk of losing time from either re-entering data or duplicating tasks. Fortunately, BatchBuilder can talk to other systems via XML, JDF, CSV or PDF (via hot folders). Behind the scenes it uses XML and third-party software to map job ticket information for specific devices, automate scheduling and preflight, and integrate upstream systems and applications with your downstream devices. 

Build scenarios to help jobs flow

Instead of using operators' time to prioritize and oversee jobs, let BatchBuilder run with scenario scheduling. The software filters jobs based on criteria you define. After batches of like jobs are created, you can control how and when to route them based on your instructions, including separating and reuniting covers and internal pages. You can quickly and easily add jobs to — and delete jobs from — any batch, giving you the flexibility to group similar jobs and save time and money.

Keep an eye on everything all at once

Tracking down jobs on the shop floor takes time out of your day. With BatchBuilder, you gain a 360-degree view of your shop because all of your information flows through one point — the web-based GUI. You can log in from anywhere, submit jobs manually, track jobs via barcodes, and view jobs based on specific job properties or fields you define. You can set notifications to be displayed within the UI or sent via email to keep you on top of it all. In addition, you can manage resources by obtaining estimates of the time and media requirements for particular batches. With greater insight into what’s going on, you’ll be empowered to make better business decisions.


Standard Features

The base TotalFlow BatchBuilder software includes the following standard features/functions:

  • Use the browser-based user interface that provides views and control of jobs, utilizing either a dashboard view or filter/batch interface.
  • Track job states and locations with barcodes.
  • Download, view and open PDFs with the PDF viewer.
  • Send jobs to up to five cutsheet and/or continuous feed devices at no extra charge.
  • Take in XML, JDF or CSV that is generated from web-to-print, MIS, or high-end prepress systems, such as Prinergy, Apogee, Prinect or Esko, using input hotfolders that can have default attributes applied to them.
  • Map order attributes to and from BatchBuilder using our professional services or third-party software, so that important job ticket information can flow to output hot folders.
  • Set filters using predefined attributes such as document or media size.
  • Set retention time for orders, batches and history to help with disk space and reprints.
  • Create custom attributes that may be needed downstream, such as specific production requirements needed by finishing devices.
  • Receive email or in-UI alerts for errors and issues that could slow or stop production.
  • Batch covers and corresponding text blocks via publishing-driven workflows so they automatically proceed through their separate processes while maintaining order integrity and clockwork efficiency.
  • Print banner sheets with your batches to help with tracking and production requirements.

View the brochure for the full list of features.

Optional Features

Batch like jobs faster
The Automation feature allows you to automatically batch jobs based on attributes such as run time, number of jobs or sheets/feet of paper.

Send jobs to an unlimited number of devices
If you have more than five output devices now or in the future, you can add the Unlimited Outputs feature.

Increase your data stream versatility
The XML/JDF Output feature enables you to also send XML/JDF to output devices, whereas the base software allows only PDF.

Get print status reports from the source
The Notify Add On feature lets you receive print status notifications directly from your devices, making tracking status easier.

Expand your workflow capabilities
If you are already using RICOH ProcessDirector for process and job management, the List File feature creates a list file of all the jobs from the sent batch and the order in which they were sent — letting you easily update all accounting records and dashboards accordingly, in one single view.

Back up, back up, back up
Be prepared to maintain business continuity. The Restricted Use Backup feature enables you to back up your work for both testing and disaster recovery.

Automate preflight
Best case, preflight is a time-consuming task. Much of the time, it’s another headache for your operators. With BatchBuilder’s Preflight feature, you can automatically run incoming jobs through this process without the manual touches, saving your operators time and streamlining the prepress process.


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