InfoPrint Office On-Ramp


Settle your differences

In a lot of environments, desktop printers and high-volume printers just don’t talk. Maybe it’s out of habit at this point. Maybe it’s because they went to the same high school, and desktop was super popular, and high-volume always kept to itself. But you know what? We’re really good at breaking the ice, and once we create a connection between these two, we know they’ll get along great, because deep down, we all want the same thing: for you to have the best print operations possible.  And that means accurate addresses, well-kept records, and straight-up simpler, faster execution of jobs, from creation to mailing.

Your print demands are all over the place. Your printers shouldn’t be.

Sometimes you print 10,000 billing statements. Sometimes you print a quick, one-off notice to a customer. Generally, the former would go to a high-volume printer, and the latter would go to a desktop printer. And that’s fine. But what happens when the guy who’s supposed to mail the one-off drops it on the way to the mail room? Do you know? Yeah, me either. There’s no record of it. With InfoPrint Office On-Ramp, your one-offs work with your production print jobs so no one can forget to stuff the envelope and prepare it for mailing, because your high-volume printer has already done that for you, and kept a log of it every step of the way. Oh, and don’t forget: it’ll cost less to mail out, because the envelope will be Zip Code™ sorted.

It’s your style. Take pride in it.

Without a doubt, desktop printers are on the whole reliable machines. But machines made for production print just do template modification better. So if you’re trying to send a note to a customer using a specific format – even if it’s just your letterhead – it may be for the best to slip that into your high-volume printer’s workflow. You spent a lot of time developing your brand. The things that mark a message as yours should be crisp, clean and consistent every time. If you’re not sure, we can help your workflow set up rules for which types of print jobs go to which types of printers.  Print, in perfect harmony. 


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