Avanti Slingshot


Reduce costs while improving your operations

Order entry, Inventory management, job pricing, estimating and billing may not be sexy but getting your business workflow done efficiency can drive down costs, improve job turnaround, and increase satisfaction with your customers.

Eliminate “islands of automation” and the required swivel chairs

For many print operations the line from job estimating to billing is not a straight one.  Some parts are automated, some are not.  Swivel chairs come into play when the output of one automated step must be reentered into the next stage of your workflow.  With Avanti Slingshot, these “islands” are eliminated to help ensure the smooth flow of jobs start to finish through your systems.

Have you heard that Print MIS systems are difficult to implement?

This is the knock, and a key focus of the brand new, from the ground up solution that is Avanti Slingshot.  The up-front goal was to reduce time to implement by 50% or more.  To this end, Slingshot comes prepackaged with import and migration tools such as the Estimating Standards Library and the QuickStart Database.  You spend less time setting up the new system and more in reaping the benefits.

It’s all about input, monitoring, and efficient data flow

Avanti Slingshot was built with cutting edge technology that provides a web-based interface to let you manage your operations from anywhere with a browser and an Internet connection, whether that’s your desk, your smartphone, or your tablet.  It also makes maximum use of industry standards (ie. JMF, JDF) for automated flow step to step.

Baskins Doesn’t Have One Flavor. Neither do we.

With 43 modules to choose from, not to mention leasing/purchasing and cloud/locally hosted options, you pick the Print MIS setup that best fits you. You can start small and grow at your own pace.  Having said that, we’re sure that Avanti Slingshot will grow on you.

Avanti Slingshot is not an RPPS product, and it is licensed to end users by Avanti Slingshot. Neither party has any responsibility for or makes any representations or warranties regarding the other's products or services.