RICOH TotalFlow DocEnhancer


Turn too late into just in time

For the client, it’s never too late to make a change. If it’s too late for you, it’s definitely time to add RICOH TotalFlow® DocEnhancer to your prepress production workflows. Whether you need to edit a single word on thousands of documents, swap in a new image or add a signature on a business letter, use this plug-in for Adobe® Acrobat® Pro to make edits directly to the print-ready PDF file without compromising your deadline, budget — or sanity.

Keep work in your control

Production stalls every time you send a document back to the designer or client to edit and verify late changes. Keep your work on the shop floor — and stay on schedule — thanks to the easy-to-use interface, which lets you make edits without recoding or redesigning. Best of all, you can do it without any IT help or additional training. 

Make easy editing the rule, not the exception

Set conditional rules for specific types of jobs and tasks, including media and finishing exceptions, so you can apply them universally and significantly reduce prepress workloads and times.

Create workflows using document properties, page placement instructions, color characteristics and other information, so jobs can be routed automatically to the most applicable cutsheet printer in your fleet.


Confirm accuracy to avoid critical issues

One error is disastrous if you’re sharing critical communications. Whether your documents contain personalized, confidential or regulated information, you’re responsible for maintaining their accuracy. Use TotalFlow® DocEnhancer to preview documents before they print, so you can make edits and reprint without missing your deadline. You can even audit every task and every reprint, and share the reports with customers when necessary.

Secure connections with customers

With TotalFlow DocEnhancer, you’re not only making print jobs more accurate — you can also make them more engaging. Add QR codes so customers can create cross-media campaigns. Print with OMR marks, opening up new revenue opportunities with schools, trainers and other groups. Plus, you can even nudge address labels to ensure they’re visible in the envelope window, for better success rates in reaching recipients.


Verify that you’re doing it right

Add the optional Verification feature to catch mistakes automatically and avoid expensive reprints. Each piece within a job has a barcode for identification. With the provided software and a camera/scanner, simply scan the barcode to track its progress through production. You get a report that highlights any missing or inaccurate information, so you can reprint only what’s necessary to curb operating costs and appease your most demanding customers.


Punch your ticket to faster, easier workflow

Use the optional Ticketer feature to emulate past jobs and automate specific tasks, including media handling and finishing options, using rules-based conditional logic.

Instead of setting exceptions for every page, set triggers for thousands of pages in thousands of documents at once. For example, send jobs with more than a certain number of pages directly to your high-volume cutsheet printer. Add variable text, change media or add automated stapling for any document with multiple pages. You set the rules; TotalFlow DocEnhancer follows them.


Address delivery issues

Extract address data from fully composed documents with the Postal Enablement feature, and then send it to third-party software for cleansing, suppression and sorting. Or add manufacturing barcodes that can be read by insertion equipment for tracking and control. Complete mail hygiene more efficiently and save postage costs by sending fewer pieces to absentee recipients.


Choose what font looks best

Add text to any PDF document using any font on the operating system to maintain consistency throughout the entire document.



Get started immediately

Install the TotalFlow DocEnhancer plug-in without technical assistance and access it from the drop-down menu of Adobe® Acrobat® Pro, or launch it from an icon on your desktop. Make edits to the files directly and check them as you go.


Operating Systems

  • Windows 7 Professional with SP1 or above – 32 and 64-bit
  • Windows 8 – 32 and 64-bit

In addition, the following requirements apply:

  • Adobe® Acrobat® Pro version 10.1.1 or above or version 11
  • Sun Java JRE 1.8 Update 6 or higher
  • 2 GB RAM dedicated to the application



RICOH TotalFlow DocEnhancer supports the following types:

  • 2 of 5
  • Code 39
  • Data Matrix
  • Intelligent Mail®
  • QR codes
  • RM4SCC
  • Code 128


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Amaze your customers with new services

With RICOH TotalFlow DocEnhancer, you can market new capabilities, all based on extracting data from PDF files and putting it to more uses. For example, let’s say a customer accidentally deletes the mailing list of names and addresses. You can pull out the metadata from a file and provide the list. Or, make life easier for your customers in these ways:

  • Edit and cleanse addresses
  • Extract data, like recipient contact information, mailing numbers or offers made, for purposes of simple analytics or chargebacks
  • Personalize mailings with variable text
  • Enable cross-media marketing by adding QR codes
  • Use enhanced conditional logic to control variables in complex jobs
  • Use any fonts that are installed on your operating system

Use logic to build better job tickets

Jobs with media and finishing exceptions can bring your ticketing process to its knees. You know the drill. Go to page one. Start stapling. Go to page four. Stop stapling. And so on. Instead, use the optional Ticketer feature to set rules once and let the software do the rest.

Track and report for billing or compliance

Are you already printing regulated documents or materials that are personalized?  Do you want to expand your business by printing jobs that have to be produced perfectly? Use the optional Verification feature. It’s a low-cost print piece scanning, tracking and reporting solution that helps you prove every document is printed.

Improve workflow

In addition making last-minute PDF edits, you can use RICOH TotalFlow DocEnhancer to make operational improvements. For example, add manufacturing barcodes that can be read by insertion equipment for tracking and control, or prepare files for a separate production workflow tool.