InfoPrint Productivity Tracker


Ever vigilant.

InfoPrint Productivity Tracker silently observes your print operations. When called upon, it provides comprehensive reports that let you know just how well your print kingdom is running. Productivity Tracker is your most trusted lieutenant in the War on Inefficiency.

Your reports, your way.

We’ve tried those stretchy gloves from the dollar store, and we know one size does not fit all. Productivity Tracker lets you customize how it measures and reports on your print workflow because you know what’s important to you better than anyone. Pick your template, your metrics, and how and when you receive reports.



Tell InfoPrint Productivity Tracker the kinds of things you want it to keep an eye out for, and it’s on the case. You want a report every time someone prints a batch of checks? Done.  You want an email every day at 5 p.m. summarizing the day’s prints? Sure thing. How about a PDF report of the week’s print activity? Of course. Once you know how your operation’s running, you know how to cut costs and increase efficiency.


Print-omniscience comes on a single disc, which you can use to install Productivity Tracker yourself in minutes. Use the same license for everything on your Web server so no print data escapes you.


Customization is great. We know that. So we make it as easy as possible. Get the graphs, charts, and data you want to see by developing and selecting report templates. Or just use the default readout, which, if we may say so, is pretty great too.


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