InfoPrint Manager


Simplify. Manage. Control.

When you simplify enterprise output management with InfoPrint Manager, you make information available and accessible while reducing your cost and risk:

  • Produce mission-critical communications with confidence and meet service level agreements (SLAs) without compromise.
  • Automate job flows and enable print administrators—instead of IT resources—to manage print.
  • Monitor and manage print jobs from a single point of control using a Java or web-based GUI.

The upgraded web-based GUI features full LDAP implementation, email notifications and other enhancements implemented as a result of customer feedback and our own research.


Keep your organization effective, productive and moving forward

Whether your print operations are spread across your company or handled by a single server, managing jobs and devices is a big challenge. With InfoPrint Manager, you now can control print tasks locally or remotely:

  • Use the printer devices of all major print vendors, with support for Linux®, AIX®, Windows® or Mac®operating systems.
  • Transform datastreams in real time and increase your file input/output options.
  • Improve device use by automating job flows and tapping into load-balancing and job-scheduling capabilities.


Deliver information to the right recipient at the right time, in the right format

While enterprise ECM and ERP applications solve specific line-of-business issues, it takes InfoPrint Manager's flexibility and control to make a measurable impact on your overall output. With a central point of control for all output functions, it's easier than ever to manage multi-vendor devices, speed up response times, and track every job across the enterprise.


Safeguard sensitive information

InfoPrint Manager helps to prevent highly-sensitive print jobs from getting into the wrong hands. After a simple authentication, users can retrieve print output anywhere onsite or at a remote location. Strengthen security with optional features:

  • Pull printing allows users to authenticate themselves when they submit a job, and re-authenticate themselves when they arrive at a printer to pick up the job.
  • Follow me printing allows users to submit a job without targeting a specific printer and then locate the job at a later time by authenticating themselves on any supported printer in another building, state or country.


Maximize SAP by integrating with InfoPrint Manager

Many enterprise companies rely on SAP® software to help visualize, access and manage operations — from HR and finance to accounting, distribution and more. Integration with InfoPrint Manager (via a simple BC-XOM) interface makes it easy to manage and report on the vast print output you generate on a day-to-day basis because you can:

  • Simplify SAP enterprise print environments.
  • Improve SAP asset use and IT staff efficiency.
  • Decrease the cost of SAP printing and increase reliability.
  • Eliminate business slowdowns with reprint capability and legacy job manipulation.


Keep your lines of business up and running

With InfoPrint Manager you can support output from SAP®, Oracle, JD Edwards and other similar programs. In fact, InfoPrint Manager is the first certified SAP® output management solution (OMS) and first to be certified for OMS callback support — meaning that InfoPrint Manager can update SAP with print job statuses.


Validate jobs before printing them

Save time and minimize print waste with the graphical user interface (GUI) job viewer to print the right job, every time.

Print complex graphics faster

Speed through jobs with big graphics, thanks to support for PCL6. Reduce network traffic with more efficient datastreams, and expect higher print quality and truer document fidelity — all with complete backward compatibility.

Run InfoPrint Manager on Linux

Shift to a lower-cost operating system and still get all the InfoPrint Manager features, including:

  • AIX®-Linux®, Linux-Linux and Linux-Windows® interoperability between InfoPrint Manager servers — so you're covered in any environment.
  • A Java management interface that is similar to AIX's SMIT and the Windows Management Console, so you can get up and running quickly.
  • Use of the Common UNIX Printing System (CUPS)
Enhanced operating system capabilities

Streamline your enterprise print and output delivery and improve user productivity with support for:

  • Citrix XenApp® Administration and Operation GUI Command Line clients, and Windows clients.
  • High-availability environments.
  • Simpler updates and moves using an official uninstall process to help to keep your systems clean (InfoPrint Manager for AIX).
  • Compliance with User Account Control (InfoPrint Manager for Windows).
  • PSF and PCL secondary barcodes.
Decrease response time, increase productivity

Keep users, operators and systems in the loop with customizable notification rules. Get updates via email, on-screen notifications, or mobile devices about your jobs, printers and problems. Oversee every detail and enhance communication. Keep systems up to date with job statuses.

Tailor configurations to your needs

Get the pricing, flexibility and scalability you need, thanks to support for Linux, Windows, AIX and virtualized environments. Use InfoPrint Manager's web-based central interface to easily customize your output settings to:

  • View and search queues, destinations and jobs across multiple servers.
  • Maintain a fast, smoothly running network by dictating how long Pull Print jobs stay on the server.
  • Reroute jobs on the fly.
  • Retain and reprint frequent jobs.
  • Optimize your resources by clustering production printers for heavy-volume jobs.
  • Change the way your GUI control panel is set up, to make sure the functions you use the most are the easiest to find.


Product numbers: InfoPrint Manager for Linux, AIX and Windows v4.5 (5648-F40)
Minimum hardware requirements: Depending upon required capacity for printers and print workloads, a Linux, AIX or Windows Server® capable of running any of the operating systems listed below.
Software requirements: InfoPrint Manager for AIX requires AIX Version 6.1 or 7.1.

InfoPrint Manager for Windows requires Microsoft® Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition or Windows 7 or Windows 8 Professional or Windows 8 Enterprise or Windows Server 2012 or Windows 2012 Standard Server R2
InfoPrint Manager for Linux requires Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 or Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 or SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 Service Pack 2 or Service Pack 3. You can run InfoPrint Manager as a 32-bit application on a 64-bit Linux system.
Pull Print/Follow-Me integration with Equitrac Office/Express version 4.2.4 or above.
Submission methods: • pdpr command line
• InfoPrint Select
• InfoPrint® Submit Express
• InfoPrint Job Ticketer
• lp, lpr, AIX enq and qprt
• Hotfolders
• SAP applications
• AFP™ Download Plus from Print Services Facility for z/OS®
• AFP Download from Print Services Facility for z/OS
Features address enterprise requirements for: • Job, printer and queue management
• Validation of jobs before they're released for printing
• Job retention and reprinting
• Printing of selected pages
• Printing of multiple datastreams including PCL6
• Output load balancing
• Notifications and alerts
• Archive solution support
• Device status monitoring
• Production, distributed and POD output
• Document delivery via email on Linux and AIX
• Scalable workloads and control
• Distributable workloads and control
• Simple composition functionality without complex composition tools
• Security
• Mainframe integration
• Job submission methods
• Transforms
Double byte character set (DBCS) For users of SAP R/3 Version 4 with SAPGOF-generated datastreams, the DBCS contains Version 2 of both ABAP and OTF data, and it supports the Shift-Jis Japanese PC language.
Optional SAP feature Provides callback support and transforms for ABAP and OTF.


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