ConnectSuite and DocuTransfer


Manage multichannel communications with ease

Your customers like to choose how they receive information. Some want traditional mail, while others prefer e-delivery. Some like a mix of the two. However your customers choose to receive their information, manage their preferences – and more – with these offerings by Neopost:

  • ConnectSuite consists of cloud-based tools that help you and your customers transition to digital communications and manage Certified Mail®.
  • DocuTransfer output management software helps automate the creation and production of both your physical and digital communication.


Simplify your transition to e-delivery

Striking the right operational balance between physical mail and digital communications can be difficult, but ConnectSuite eDelivery software makes it easier. After recipients select their preferred delivery method, Connect Suite saves their preferences and automatically sends documents by mail or email. In addition, you’ll save time with these cloud-speed functions:

  • Manages the e-consent process
  • Promotes adoption through automated opt-in campaigns
  • Tracks the status of both mail and email
  • Provides reports, including audit trails


Process and track certified mail

Spending hours processing and tracking Certified Mail® manually? Obtain fast proof of delivery and receipt with ConnectSuite e-Certify. You can skip the forms and labels and automate these steps:

  • Generate tracking numbers that show through a double-window Certified Mail® envelope.
  • Download electronic return receipts (PDFs with digital signatures) from the USPS and attach them to the correct mail piece records.
  • Store receipts in the cloud, freeing physical file space.
  • Track pieces sent, delivered and refused on a dashboard.


Produce marketing communications effortlessly

Use DocuTransfer output management software to improve your communications with a single software solution. It pairs nicely with ConnectSuite to automate document creation and production with functions that include:

  • Importing and transforming data
  • Personalizing communications
  • Defining workflow rules for printing, routing, mailing, sorting and archiving
  • Specifying finishing options and inserter controls
  • Integrating with Satori software to cleanse addresses and presort files

ConnectSuite and DocuTransfer is not an RPPS product, and it is licensed to end users by ConnectSuite and DocuTransfer. Neither party has any responsibility for or makes any representations or warranties regarding the other's products or services.