RICOH TotalFlow Prep


Every client gives you a clear deadline. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always come with a clean print file. Files can come from multiple sources in multiple formats. Use RICOH TotalFlow® Prep to transform them into print-ready PDFs quickly so you can stay on schedule and move on to the next revenue opportunity.

This affordable, make-ready software automates many of your tedious, time-consuming manual tasks so you can:

  • Save time and improve efficiency.
  • Eliminate costly errors and reprints.
  • Better manage your clients’ information — and your own.


Take a hands-off approach

Let the information flow quickly and effectively. With TotalFlow Prep, you can automate a wide range of prepress tasks and perform imposition tasks with fewer clicks, errors and delays. You can even preset your settings so frequent tasks are completed automatically for higher quality output in less time.



See what you’ve done

Get the information you need to expertly manage your production process. View every detail though an intuitive user interface. Preview output, change imposition settings and layouts, make last-minute edits and choose from a wide range of media and finishing options — all in real-time and with only a few clicks.



Make any change and make every deadline

Don’t worry if your clients change their minds; you can change the print file right along with them. Whether you’re fixing a typo, adding an image, inserting tabs or changing page orders, you can make sure their information is delivered exactly the way they want it, all without missing a beat — or a deadline.



Be a more effective matchmaker

Assign each job to the ideal printer. TotalFlow Prep is hardware agnostic, so it routes jobs to printers automatically based on print and media capabilities, whether using Ricoh or non-Ricoh printers. You can still assign specific attributes, but you won’t have to guess whether the printer can handle them.



Share information, not mistakes

Use visual ticketing to easily share critical data and instructions with the entire print production team. Want to give a tip to the operator? Put special instructions directly in the ticket. Need to change a job setting? Change it once and everybody will see it immediately, with plenty of time to make adjustments so you can still meet your deadline.



Add to what you started

Combine TotalFlow Prep with TotalFlow Production Manager to automate tasks throughout the entire production cycle, so you can finish more jobs on time with fewer errors, and be more profitable.




Need TotalFlow Prep support?
Contact (800) 742-6477; option 3, 2


Combine multiple files in multiple formats

Use TWAIN scanning to merge hardcopy and digital files into one print-ready PDF that can be edited and enhanced at a moment’s notice.

Eliminate repetitive tasks

Use RICOH TotalFlow® Prep to repeat a wide range of tasks, including media selection and imposition, automatically for faster processing and printing.

Simplify imposition tasks

Take advantage of a wide range of imposition tools to maximize your use of paper without excess waste. Use preset templates or customize them yourself to simplify even the most complex print jobs. Improve efficiency even more with optional advanced imposition options, at a fraction of the cost of retail tools.

Get a glimpse of profitability

Catch mistakes before they print. Preview every print job, including finishing selections, to help ensure you’re printing the right information in the right format at the right time.

Stay in control from the beginning

Access the media catalog or create custom options directly from the Ricoh or EFI JDF-enabled print controllers. Define specifications; manage or replace tabs; print selected page ranges; and choose finishing options, output banners and more.

Use tabs for clearer identification

Easily manage tabs with TotalFlow Prep. Add, move, replace or eliminate tabs in seconds using a single user interface. With support for bleed-edge tabs, take advantage of new shapes and colors to keep documents easy to navigate.

Track your work

Take advantage of user codes to control who can access the user interface and manipulate the visual ticket. Improve accountability throughout your print environment. 


Need TotalFlow Prep support?
Contact (800) 742-6477; option 3, 2


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