Satori Software


Streamline mail preparation and submission

Preparing and sending mail can be an expensive, labor-intensive process. Fortunately, you can automate many steps of the process with Satori® software by Neopost, enabling you to prepare USPS®-compliant mail effortlessly. Improve productivity and lower costs by:

  • Managing contact data
  • Cleansing and standardizing addresses
  • Presorting mail
  • Navigating through complex postal regulations


Keep your contact data accurate and up to date

Inaccurate contact information stops or delays decisions, customer interactions, order fulfillment and cash flow. Infuse Desktop and configurable Infuse Web Services combine a desktop app and cloud services to help you:

  • Process records without manual intervention.
  • Correct, update and validate addresses to which you can append additional details.
  • Combine lists and remove redundant records.
  • Suppress records of people who are unwilling or unable to respond.

Satori Architect is your organization’s solution for contact data management. It integrates with nearly any application that collects, stores or interacts with contact data, including e-commerce websites. This cloud-based service or self-hosted server is customizable to fit small or large enterprises.


Increase mail deliverability

Undeliverable mail wastes time, paper and postage. With Bulk Mailer, you can virtually eliminate unnecessary expenses. Workers can fly through tasks using a graphical interface, wizard-based processes and templates. In addition, an automated mailing process is far more efficient and accurate:

  • Correct and standardize addresses using CASS Certified™ services, so you can verify deliverability.
  • Sort address lists using PAVE™ software, so you pay the lowest possible postal rates.
  • Generate USPS documentation such as the qualification report, Form 3553 and postage statements, and supports form submission via mail.xml.
  • Receive support for address printing features such as barcodes, address blocks and more.