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BCC Datavolve

USPS®-compliant address standardization and validation

Improve address quality and postal optimization with BCC Datavolve address standardization and validation software. Frequently used in Automated Document Factory (ADF) solutions, Datavolve has a proven track record in many industries, including finance, banking, insurance, direct marketing, utilities, telecommunications and government.*

Datavolve is designed to fix data errors in existing address databases and in new addresses as they enter your system. The resulting clean database helps you cut postal and marketing materials costs, connect successfully with customers and prospects and expand your client base. Datavolve also can help you understand why non-validated addresses are invalid and assist you with the development of workflow around invalid data records. It is a standard function in ADF workflows, workflows that can be managed by overall process tools such as RICOH ProcessDirector.

  • Validate and standardize addresses against current USPS® reference data
  • Confirm that addresses are deliverable destinations
  • Assign codes for analysis
  • Provide the necessary postal documentation for USPS compliance
  • Deploy with Windows®, Linux® and UNIX® platforms, varying operational configurations and all data entry points
  • Update and maintain existing records via batch processing in your database software and boost the quality of transactional data as it enters your system
  • Unify departments, branches and lines of business
  • Invoke with a workflow manager, such as RICOH ProcessDirector

BCC cQuencer

Unify the elements of variable-weight mailing operations

High-volume, variable-weight mailing operations thrive or fail on your ability to control efficiency, accuracy and economy. cQuencer software can accelerate processing speeds, improve mail piece delivery and postal reporting, and enable the lowest possible postage costs.*

cQuencer software unites the elements of your mailing system, keeping track of vital job details to deliver superior mail management and superior end results. cQuencer software is a key component in an overall ADF (Advanced Document Facility) workflow, integrating smoothly with workflow managers such as RICOH ProcessDirector. Windows or AIX-compatible, cQuencer can arrange complex First-Class™ statement mailings; supply required U. S. Postal Service (USPS) CASS™- and MAC Batch™-certified processing; and work with your printers and inserters to produce efficient, economical mailings.

  • Re-sequences print streams to maximize work share discounts
  • Produces all necessary USPS reports
  • Becomes an integral part of your ADF workflow
  • Removes a main bottleneck in high-speed finishing operations
  • Eliminates mid-tray and mid-file breaks to avoid unnecessary postal fees
  • Supports USPS Intelligent Mail® standard tray tag and tray label generation
  • Tracks spoilage and maintains accurate mail piece counts with net manifesting
  • Supports Windows and AIX processing environments, with simplex or duplex inserters

BCC Mail Manager

Postal preparation and optimization for SMB mailers

BCC Mail Manager provides robust postal optimization functions designed to deliver economy and value. USPS CASS™- and PAVE™-certified, Mail Manager provides end-to-end mail processing features, such as presorting for best postage discounts, address standardization and deduping, with push-button simplicity. Functions are completely modular, enabling professional mailers in small-to-medium size businesses to start with basic implementation and add advanced capabilities, such as automated mail preparation and palletization.

  • USPS-certified CASS™ and PAVE™ capabilities for address cleansing and postal optimization
  • Supports First Class, Standard and Periodical Mail, and most preparation methods
  • Supports Intelligent Mail®, POSTNET™, CODE 128 and other barcodes
  • Offers modular functions so you can start with basic options and grow
  • Provides integrated address quality tools, including access to USPS Data Services
  • Generates required documentation for both compliance and maximum discounts
  • Offers optional Track N Trace to fully track mail deliveries using Intelligent Mail® barcode functions
  • Enables the design and implementation of mail projects with automated ease of use

BCC Mail Manager Full Service

Move up to deluxe high-volume mail preparation

When you want deluxe automation capabilities for high-volume mail operations, BCC Mail Manager Full Service™ delivers exceptional, intuitive flexibility. The foundation of Mail Manager Full Service is the Mail Manager core technology, long respected for its remarkable ease of use across diverse mailing applications.*

An ever-evolving USPS® CASS™/PAVE™-certified platform, BCC Mail Manager Full Service includes a comprehensive array of mailing innovations—from deluxe automation capabilities that enable true 24x7 unattended processing of specified tasks or complete mailing jobs, to full palletization support, to enhanced merge-purge functionality and more. The proprietary address-matching API further improves your operation by delivering processing speeds many times faster than the industry-standard address matching engine.

  • Enables integrated Intelligent Mail® support, including Mailer ID (MID) and serial number management
  • Supports Intelligent Mail, POSTNET™, CODE 128 and other barcodes
  • Supports First-Class™, Standard and Periodicals, and most preparation methods
  • Includes geocoding, radius select and distance calculations
  • Provides integrated postage statements (plant verified, drop shipment)
  • Imports from and exports to most data file formats, including SQL
  • Supports container tag and pallet label generation
  • Provides integrated user defined reports, including totals and subtotals


Achieve superior address quality

The ZIPFOURce API employs U.S. Postal Service (USPS) CASS Certified™ software technology to provide superior address quality, which can help you acquire and retain clients. ZIPFOURce works as a front-end process that standardizes and corrects addresses and internal lists. Also, it works with your database software to improve the quality of transactional data as it enters your system.*

  • ZIPFOURce integrates with many Web-based applications and customer relationship management (CRM) programs. It serves as a gateway to USPS address information, such as ZIP+4® codes, postal carrier route and delivery points, to enable up-to-date, correct records.
  • Provides delivery point validation with the use of USPS DPV® technology to reveal whether an address listed in the ZIP + 4 database is recognized by the USPS as a deliverable destination
  • Uses LACSLink® to update rural-style addresses to city-style formats, or renames/renumbers city-style addresses that may have been changed by local governments
  • Offers the Residential Delivery Indicator option as an interface to USPS RDI™ technology to identify residential delivery points, allowing informed decision-making when you choose a parcel shipper
  • Offers the SuiteLink™ option to improve business address data by adding known secondary (suite) details, allowing USPS delivery sequencing where it would not otherwise be possible

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* The following are trademarks owned by the United States Postal Service (USPS®): CASS, DPV, First-Class Mail, Intelligent Mail, LACSLink, MAC Batch, Postal Service, SuiteLink, USPS, United States Postal Service and ZIP+4.

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