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Your layout is safe here

You know how you want your document to look. Your printer doesn’t. Communication is the basis of any good relationship, so lean in close to PPFA and whisper what you want. No regrets. Just documents. Printed your way.

Here to help

Now that you know where you want everything, tell PPFA how you want to present it. Duplex, stapled, hole-punched, on legal-sized? Quite the arrangement you’ve got there. But just give the order, and we’ll take care of it.

Trust in experience

PPFA has been on the market for more than 20 years. It knows its way around print servers like the back of its hand. Or it would. If it had hands.

Don’t let its age fool you, though. PPFA is always learning – it’s frequently updated to keep up with the evolving AFP standards – and it remains lean and light on its feet, hardly taking up any space on your network and moving lightning-fast.


Your job, your rules

Create page and form definitions to ensure documents come out looking like you want them to – objects in the same place, fonts (AFP, TrueType or OpenType) just how you like, colors the way you left them. Every check looks like your checks. Every bill looks like your bills. Every invitation to your son’s birthday party looks like you really shouldn’t be printing it at work.

Live by your own code

Barcode, XML code, bushidō, whatever works for you. PPFA can handle lots of barcode symbologies, it quickly and easily converts XML from the web, and it is sworn to serve you by a law unuttered and unwritten but nonetheless unbreakable.


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Critical Communications

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