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Words are meant to communicate.  It’s just like your mom always said: It’s not just what you say, but how you say it. Typeface establishes a style. Language expresses it. Consistency maintains it. With InfoPrint Font Collection’s huge library of offerings, we make sure you can find your style and your customers can understand it.  This is not just because you’re speaking their language, but because the InfoPrint Font Collection speaks your printer’s language, improving output quality.

Go big or go home

Use font variation to bring attention to what’s important. Conquer the world with your newfound ability to communicate with anyone, anywhere through the magic of InfoPrint Font Collection’s language options.

Take your pick

The InfoPrint Font Collection offers AFP raster and outline fonts, along with TrueType and OpenType. That means flexibility, which means quality. If you need a raster font, we’ve got you. If you’ve got a high-res printer, AFP outline and TrueType/OpenType fonts will make your documents look cleaner than you are strictly comfortable with. Not sure what to use? No worries. InfoPrint Manager and RICOH ProcessDirector can help automatically sub in higher-resolution versions of fonts when it detects a printer capable of handling them.


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Critical Communications

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