HP Exstream


HP Exstream is a comprehensive business communication solution that combines document creation, campaign management and tracking, multi-channel delivery, and web application development into one easy-to-use software suite.

  • CRM-based enterprise business communication system
  • Complete 1:1 personalization for print, interactive, and Web environments
  • Deliver through any communication channel
  • Deliver full color communications
  • Over 60 modules provide a high-function business communication infrastructure with the opportunity to tailor the function to your needs
  • Wide range of data input formats, including Word, OGL, Metacode, XML, PDF, Quark, AFP
  • Over 18 print and electronic output formats, including AFP, PCL, Postscript, PPML, VIPP, XML, HTML, PDF, PowerPoint
  • Integration marketing modules to drive effective campaigns and integrate with CRM systems


Single platform for business communications

Many output solutions are point products – they solve one specific problem. HP Exstream™ is comprehensive, dealing with virtually all aspects of business communications. This can reduce the costs of implementing and managing disparate products, improve time to market with new applications, and reduce integration costs and exposures.

Design once, deploy in multiple environments

With HP Exstream, you can design documents once then deploy in batch, real-time, or Web environments. This can eliminate the need for multiple products, reduce time to market for multi-environment applications, and improve consistency across all enterprise communications.

Design once, distribute anywhere

HP Exstream enables companies to design documents and then route them across a wide range of print and electronic formats. There are 12 print formats supported, covering the major printer formats found in company environments. It eliminates the need for additional point products to support this format or that printer. The electronic distribution formats enable those significant cost savings over hardcopy. HP Exstream can also reduce IT expenses, replacing programming with automated or graphical functions.

Integrated marketing support

HP Exstream is architected around marketing to the customer. CRM is not an afterthought. Companies can easily integrate HP Exstream functions into the processes that they currently use to serve and market to their customers. This avoids the additional costs of adding and integrating more programming and/or software.

Document workflow support

Many enterprises have a complex collaborative document design process with many stakeholders. HP Exstream supports these workflows with automated functions that expedite the time to market and improve the final product.

Multiple server platforms

HP Exstream is supported on AIX, z/OS, HP-UX, Sun Solaris, and Windows. This means that larger enterprises with multi-platform environments can standardized on HP Exstream for business communications.

Advanced design – high-value documents

HP Exstream is advanced design – geared for high-value documents such as statements, 401Ks, and insurance policies. The bar for document content and complexity continues to rise and HP Exstream is designed to exceed the bar for even the most demanding communications. High-value documents improve customer response rates, enable targeted messages, expand touch points, reward the best customers, improve customer service, create better customer interactions, improve cash flows, and increase revenues.

Object architecture

HP Exstream is architected around externalized and re-usible document objects. Images, text, graphics, and other document content can be created once and used across many applications. This reduces time to market, reduces new application development costs, and ensures consistency.

Production workflow

HP Exstream contains comprehensive support for high-volume production printing – from design to print to post-production. Customers can count on their production environment and workflow being supported with software architected to perform.

Production performance

Time is money in production print operations. HP Exstream is architected to create high-performance print data streams and controls that flow smoothly through the printing process.



The intuitive, visual design interface. Users create design components and define business rules and production characteristics. These design objects can be created once and then reused in multiple applications. HP Exstream™ is an object-oriented system, meaning that users create objects and combine them together to build applications. The design database houses all of these objects as well as the processes associated with applications including security access, version control, workflow definitions, campaign management rules, and application packaging.

Design PDF

This module allows PDF files to be imported as images into a HP Exstream design object, such as a page. PDFs are converted to images to maintain the original color quality. If output to PDF, the imported PDF is merged with the HP Exstream design elements to create a new, completely integrated output PDF.


This DXF converter allows you to incorporate Metacode designs into HP Exstream applications. Imports Metacode print streams into HP Exstream at design time to create page objects.

Overlay Generation Language (OGL) Converter

Allows HP Exstream to convert OGL, a AFP overlay language used to define and create forms, into the HP Exstream Exchange Format (DXF). Once the OGL DXF file is imported into Designer, the new forms can be edited and enhanced with variable content.

Featured Applications

Direct Marketing

Direct Marketing

Change the game with digital

Critical Communications

Critical Communications

Produce regulated, customized or personalized documents perfectly.

HP Exstream is not an RPPS product, and it is licensed to end users by HP Exstream. Neither party has any responsibility for or makes any representations or warranties regarding the other's products or services.