GMC Inspire


Engage Your Customers

No matter what applications you are running, the integrated GMC Inspire platform can save time because it maintains continuity across document design and production functions. End-to-end, cohesive functionality simplifies personalized communications, as well as training, maintenance, service and integration of your applications.

You can communicate with and engage your customers across digital and paper channels, shorten time to market for new offerings and leverage the scalability and operational efficiencies of the cloud.

  • Keeps everyone on the same page and allows collaboration among many people within a common document process and workflow orientation
  • Offers multiple modules that allow you to tailor a solution to match your requirements
  • Provides a Rapid Application Development environment with advanced quality control features to enable quick and accurate setup, proofing and output of documents
  • Conforms to existing IT Infrastructures so you can leave your current data structure alone.
  • Create many types of documents across many platforms and send them to multiple output channels
  • Streamlines your document process by enabling you to automate it and hook it up to other business processes such as ERP, ECM, accounting, call center or data analytics
  • Provides the same industrial-strength toolset that runs the world’s largest direct mailers, statement processors and print service providers


Inspire Designer

Obtain a full-function document design interface for high-impact, personalized direct marketing, transactional and on-demand documents. Incorporates data inputs, design imports, data preparation, design workflow, and complex, graphical page layout.

Inspire Interactive

Utilize Web-based document design for creating documents based on standard templates, enabling LOB ownership and enterprise consistency.

Inspire Connect

Automate multichannel customer communications with this Web services interface.

Inspire Approval

Maintain accuracy and control with the document proofing and approval system.

Inspire Content Manager

Use version control management to facilitate both collaboration and accurate deployment of new document applications.

Inspire Print Output

Acquire comprehensive document print datastream support, including Advanced Function Presentation™ (AFP™), PostScript, PCL, Metacode, XML and PDF.

Inspire Multi-Channel

Match each customer’s channel preference with print and non-print choices.

Inspire Campaign Manager

Target and execute customer communications campaigns across multiple channels and multiple touch points.

Inspire Compare

Maintain document integrity from version to version.

Inspire Content Manager Web

Centralize management of brand assets in support of analytics-driven Precision Marketing.

Inspire Dashboard

Track and analyze customer communication activities so you can fine tune future campaigns for the purpose of increasing response rates.

Inspire Storefront

Develop and manage branded Web portals (storefronts), enabling customers to provide Web-based self-service front-ends to document services.


GMC Inspire How It Works

GMC Inspire is an enterprise communication platform that enables your business to deliver relevant personalized messages at the right time through the preferred channel. The platform is built on five capabilities that can increase customer engagement through an integrated multichannel communications strategy.

Customer Insight

Bring together data silos throughout your company to achieve a single view of each customer. GMC Inspire can talk to any data source, including CRM, ERP, SAP, ECM and Web-based XML data. You can visualize your customers and their profiles at a glance, incorporating demographics, transaction history and predictive modeling. With the right customer insights, you can more accurately identify customer segments and better target your campaigns.

Customer Communication

Create communications that comply with corporate branding yet are individualized for each customer:

  • Dynamic design functions include data and design import, personalized images, white space management, data-driven graphics, advanced color management, real-time proofing and more.
  • Built-in content management capabilities allow you to control versions, asset management, business rules, access control and online collaboration.
  • Structured, high-volume communications, such as statements and bills, can be produced efficiently in batches for paper and digital channels.
  • Interactive communication capabilities lend a personal touch and enhance customer support.
  • Multichannel Production
  • Utilize built-in multichannel capabilities to deliver communications via SMS, email, Web presentment, print, mobile, fax, social media and other channels. You define the content, parameters and channels, and the production engine composes the communications automatically for the selected delivery channels.
Response Management

Capture, track and manage customer responses in multiple channels, including call centers, store visits, purchases and more. With this information, you can see what works and how to improve future communications.

Process Management and Automation

Simplify communication processes with comprehensive communication oversight, business process integration and embedded compliance capabilities. Integrated automated document factory functionality helps you manage and control the entire communication process from data acquisition through multichannel delivery. The automation engine can streamline structured, interactive and on-demand communications, and all communications are automatically stored in archives that allow instant retrieval by customer service representatives.

Featured Applications

Direct Marketing

Direct Marketing

Change the game with digital

Critical Communications

Critical Communications

Produce regulated, customized or personalized documents perfectly.

GMC Inspire is not an RPPS product, and it is licensed to end users by GMC Inspire. Neither party has any responsibility for or makes any representations or warranties regarding the other's products or services.