AFP Resource Installer


On a scale from Dorothy’s Kansas to Joseph’s Dreamcoat, how many colors do you want?

Take your pick, because AFP Resource Installer makes sure you get exactly the color you want – even if that color is monochrome. It works with both Color Management Resources and AFP color management, which means you can rely on your colors to stay intact no matter what.

It’s your message. Don’t lose it.

Your clients speak Chinese, Spanish, Korean, Russian, and Punjabi, among countless others. Your keyboard can’t handle that. AFP Resource Installer can. Point it to the font you need – WorldType, TrueType, OpenType – and suddenly you’re communicating again.

Welcome to the reference desk. How can I help you?

Remember that one librarian who was always super helpful? AFP Resource Installer is a lot like that. It knows – it may be the only one who knows at this point, considering how unwieldy the filing system has become– where everything you need is located. One tool, one interface to manage color, fonts and data objects. It runs this resource library, and it would be so glad to help you if you’d just ask.


Take a load off

You can’t just carry around everything you could ever need with you everywhere you go. Think of the back problems. Instead, AFP Resource Installer lets you store your resources externally and grabs them as you need them.

Picture a color. Hold that image in your mind. OK, now hold it in your hand.

AFP Resource Installer is designed so that you get the same color on every device, from the moment you create your document to the moment it hits paper. You can create, index and reference Color Management Resources, so once you find that perfect shade of cyan for April’s electric bills, you never have to part with it.

Now we’re talkin’

Language barriers can be difficult. They’re even worse when you can’t print Hangul, and a good portion of your audience speaks Korean. Throw another script into the mix – Indic or Kanji, for instance – and suddenly your document is looking extra diverse, which can be confusing and scary for some of the simpler print servers. Let AFP Resource Installer bridge the gap with its ability to add characters to fonts quickly and easily.

Featured Applications

Critical Communications

Critical Communications

Produce regulated, customized or personalized documents perfectly.

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